Welcome To Becker Lane Organic

One of Becker Lane Organic’s founding principles is the practice of good animal welfare. It therefore follows that pigs raised for organic meat must have access to the outside world and be able to engage in their instinctive behaviors such as rooting, wallowing, foraging, and nesting.  Our farm's vision is to create an entity which produces and sustains its needs from within, and therefore we take a “from the ground up” approach that starts with the soil.  We grow a significant portion of the organic grain needed to feed the pigs on our six generation family land near Dyersville, Iowa.  The use of heritage breeds is a hallmark necessary to achieve truly flavorful pork and the farm uses Berkshire animals to aid in this process. We believe our products are good for nature, good for animal welfare, good for the economy, and ultimately safer for your family to eat while tasting better.